Elixir De Beauté Aux 4 Huiles


Beauty elixir with four oils.

Dry oil dressing. 100% natural.

Strong treatment of multiple properties with precious oils.

Prickly pear. Argan. Black-sesame. Rose of Damascus.

The fourth oil beauty cocktail protects against dryness and tightens the skin. It offers freshness and hydration. Thanks to the smoothness and delicate texture, mix oil penetrates quickly, leaving skin glowing and silky. You can spread this beauty elixir and neck, décolleté and bust.


The prickly-oil firms and offers a velvety texture.

Argan oil, rich in vitamin E gives firmness and elasticity.

The oil-on-black sesame, soothes and reduces puffiness and swelling.

-The Rose of Damascus has anti-wrinkle properties and tightens pores.

Use: (Clean first with soap with milk donkey).

-Facial: Loop a light massage.

-Body treatment: massage the body from the bottom up. Perfect for the tightening of the chest.


-Roots and hairy head: let sit for 20 minutes before shampooing.

-Tips: Put 1 to 2 drops of oil on the ends of the hair while still wet just after bathing.

Ingredients INCI: Argania Spinosa oil (organic Argan oil in Morocco). Nigella Sativa oil (organic oil from black-sesame Egypt). Opuntia Ficus indica seed oil (oil from seeds of prickly 10%).

Rosa damascena flower oil (rose)

Made in France


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